Center Services

Our Services

  • Resolving commercial disputes efficiently, quickly and effectively, using the most successful alternative means of dispute resolution, such as conciliation, conciliation and mediation, which are characterized by speed, confidentiality and affordable cost, while preserving future commercial relations between the parties, and giving them the maximum possible control over the course of mediation and arbitration and their outcome.
  • Providing arbitration services in the scientific and practical fields.
  • Providing advice and advice in the field of arbitration, with an explanation of its rules to the conflicting parties.
  • Placing specialized international professors, lawyers and arbitrators at the disposal of inquirers, to answer their questions and consultations related to arbitration cases – Coordination with specialized Arab and international arbitration bodies and centers, to appoint arbitrators, mediators and experts to resolve local, regional and international disputes.
  • Providing rooms equipped with all references, equipment, tools and translation work necessary for holding arbitration sessions.
  • Presenting and presenting the latest local and international developments in the field of arbitration and international trade.
  • Publishing revisions, publications and legal research related to arbitration laws.
  • Issuing periodic bulletins of the Center covering all legal forums, the rules governing international commercial arbitration, and comparative experiences in the field of arbitration.
  • Organizing courses, seminars and workshops in the field of commercial arbitration in particular, and law in general, with the aim of spreading the culture of arbitration in public institutions, and introducing its importance, effectiveness and advantages.
  • Enabling scholars and researchers to obtain legal books, references and research related to alternative means of dispute resolution.
  • Providing advice and guidance in the field of arbitration and peaceful settlement of disputes to the official authorities in Kuwait and other international and regional companies, institutions and organizations.

Dispute Resolution Services:

  • The Center works on settling commercial disputes presented to it, in accordance with its system and regulations, whereby the disputing parties and the formed arbitral tribunal are obligated to abide by and implement these regulations and regulations. The Center works based on the parties’ desire to resolve the disputes presented to it through free arbitration or arbitration according to the rules and regulations of international or Arab arbitration bodies and institutions, where all information related to commercial arbitration, whether internal or international, is provided to clients – the center provides all secretarial and translation work while preserving The files are strictly confidential.The center constitutes a link between the members of the arbitral tribunal and the disputing parties.The Center works on informing the parties to the dispute, upon their request, of the list of arbitrators, their qualifications, experience and specializations to choose the ones that suit them within the arbitral tribunal.