About Us

Our Vision

A leading national professional national body with international standards in the field of dispute settlement under the umbrella of justice that believes in the sufficiency of the balance of the civilized society and the concerted efforts of its sons to promote a culture of reconciliation and arbitration toward a security society where justice prevails through the adoption of specialization in the separation

The Message

A leading public center that leads the arbitration profession and protects it for an active role in society, inspired by
The vision of His Highness, the Emir of the country, the late Sheikh Sabah Al-Ahmad Al-Sabah, to be
Kuwait is a financial center led by the private sector in accordance with motivating mechanisms and an effective role for arbitration to accelerate the pace of achievement in development plans and push to focus efforts on preserving rights and trust
through the procedures and contributes through the jurisdiction to the dissemination of the culture of arbitration

The Targets

  • Resolve local, regional and international commercial disputes effectively and quickly.
  • Providing specialized services to those involved in the field of arbitration and keeping abreast of all its developments and developments.
  • Providing distinguished legal services.
  • Preparing a generation of qualified Kuwaiti and Arab arbitrators who are able to meet the requirements of arbitration.
  • Developing the capabilities of arbitrators and motivating them to keep pace with developments by integrating them into local, regional and international conferences, seminars and courses related to arbitration.
  • Raising the level of international commercial arbitration and the performance of arbitrators scientifically and culturally.
  • Building cooperation and partnership relations with all Arab arbitration centers, regional and international arbitration institutions and bodies, and exchanging experiences to support and enhance confidence and credibility in arbitration and its arbitrators.
  • Spreading the culture of arbitration and raising awareness of it locally.
  • Introducing the means of conciliation, mediation and arbitration.
  • Preparing an organizational regulation for the center’s work that defines the phases and stages of the arbitration case by listing its steps in accordance with the provisions of the Arbitration Law.
  • Cooperation on a regional scale to implement modern legislation dealing with arbitration, taking into account the doctrine of the authority of the will prevailing in the community of international commercial markets.
  • Cooperation on a regional scale with local, regional and international chambers of commerce to organize conferences and seminars to spread the culture and thought of arbitration.
  • Providing advisory services regarding writing agreements for arbitration, or providing a list to select the best elements to carry out the arbitration mission.
  • Expanding the center’s services on the local and regional scale, paying attention to the publications of books, magazines and scientific publications, and improving and sustaining customer satisfaction.